Customer Retention Services

It is estimated that the cost of retaining a customer works out to be five times cheaper than attracting a new one. Another research predicts that in the future, 80% of a company’s revenue will come from 20% of its existing customers. With consumers today being spoilt for choice in most industries, customer retention services and loyalty program management have come to play a significant role in maintaining the customer’s interest and implementing an effective sales and customer acquisition strategy.

With over 15 years of experience as a leading Call Center Outsourcing Services provider, World Wide Solutions has the expertise to manage your business’ customer retention and loyalty program management services. By outsourcing your loyalty program management and customer retention services to World Wide Solutions, you can be confident that your costs would be kept in check and core competencies will be the focus of your operations.

Our Customer Retention Services can be Adapted to Suit Your Specific Needs
  • Processing Forms
  • Managing Data and Workflow
  • Reviewing any Risks or Possibility of Fraud
  • Analyzing and Reporting Customer Responses
  • Capturing, Verifying and Cleaning Data
  • Updating and Maintaining the Database
  • Promoting and Marketing your Brand through Different Media
  • Updating the Database
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